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Baltimore Supplemental Security Income Lawyer

A loss of income typically accompanies getting older or a disability. You may be aware that you qualify for benefits, but are not sure where to begin or which benefits you qualify for. A Baltimore SSI lawyer can help you understand the benefits you are entitled to and help you navigate the process. 

About Supplemental Security Income (SSI) 

SSI is a public benefits program that provides income to those who have otherwise limited income or resources. In order to qualify for SSI, you must first meet the following principal criteria: 

  • You are 65 or older; OR
  • Blind or disabled. 

The age requirement is straightforward. The others may not be, depending on your case. Thankfully, you may meet the “blindness” requirement even though you are not completely blind. To qualify as disabled, you will need to demonstrate that you have at least one severe medical condition that is expected to last 12 months or more or result in death. 

Baltimore SSI Lawyer Explains Income Qualification

In order to qualify for SSI, you must demonstrate that you have limited income. In order to determine your eligibility, the Social Security Administration will consider the following as part of your income: 

  • The money you earn from work; 
  • Any benefits you are receiving such as worker’s compensation, unemployment, Social Security, or private disability insurance; 
  • Money provided to you by friends and family
  • Any free food or shelter that you receive.

The Social Security Administration will also consider your resources:

  • Bank accounts
  • Investment accounts
  • Cash 
  • Real and personal property
  • Life insurance

Ultimately, the SSA will consider anything that can be converted to cash for food or shelter as a “resource” when determining your SSI eligibility. 

To be clear, for most people seeking SSI, these factors likely will not disqualify you from receiving benefits. Instead, these factors will determine your monthly SSI benefit. The calculations are somewhat complicated, but an experienced Baltimore SSI lawyer will be able to give you an idea of what you can expect. 

The Difference Between SSI and SSDI

It may help to understand what SSI is if we explain how it is different from Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). SSDI does not have an age qualification and does not base your benefits on your income or other financial resources. Instead, SSDI is based purely on the fact that you are disabled and whether you have a qualifying work history. As a result, you may be able to qualify for SSDI even if you don’t qualify for SSI. A Baltimore SSI lawyer can review your case and identify which benefits you qualify for. 

Why You Need a Baltimore SSI Lawyer

The Social Security system is complicated. A Baltimore SSI lawyer can help you get the benefits you deserve with minimal delay. Here is how an experienced SSI attorney can help you:

  • They can help you collect the documentation you will need to make a successful claim;
  • They can file all of the necessary paperwork so that your claim is handled properly;
  • They can respond to and appeal any denials; 
  • They can represent you at any hearings and speak on your behalf. 

In short, a Baltimore SSI lawyer can handle your claim so that you can focus on taking care of yourself. 

Contact Baltimore SSI Lawyer Emmett B. Irwin Today

The challenges that disabled people face are many and can seem overwhelming. That’s why we’re focused on helping those who need it most. If you’re seeking SSI or SSDI benefits, we can help – call us at 443-839-0818 or visit us online to schedule a free consultation today. We work with clients throughout Maryland and surrounding states.