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Baltimore Medical Professional Disability Attorney for Disabled Healthcare Professionals

We don’t often think about the vital role that doctors play in our communities, and we often overlook the hazards that they expose themselves to on a daily basis. What happens a physician is unable to practice due to disability? Just like anyone else, a sudden loss of income can leave them unable to pay their bills or take care of their families or even themselves. If you’re a doctor and facing a disability, a Baltimore medical professional disability attorney can help you understand your options. 

Understanding Your Physician Disability Insurance Coverage in Maryland

Many physicians have some kind of disability insurance coverage, either through an individual policy that they purchased or through a group policy provided by their hospital or their practice. Unfortunately, most people never really understand what coverage their policy will provide in the event that they need to make a claim. When filing a claim, medical professionals are then frustrated to learn that they don’t qualify for coverage. If your claim has been denied, a Baltimore medical professional disability lawyer may be able to get your claim approved so that you can get the benefits you need. 

If you’re considering purchasing a policy for your practice or yourself, it may be worthwhile to consult with an experienced Baltimore disability attorney before you purchase. They can explain the limitations of the policies you are considering and ensure that you purchase the policy that best meets your needs. 

Common Reasons Disability Claims for Healthcare Professionals are Denied

When purchasing a policy, every insurance company will promise that their policy will pay generous benefits without delay in the event you become disabled. As is often the case with insurance companies, what they claim when selling you the policy is not the case when you make a claim. Here are some of the common reasons why doctors and other healthcare workers face denied disability claims: 

  • If you own your practice, the insurance company may claim that income from the practice prevents you from receiving benefits.
  • The insurance company may claim that you are still able to practice and therefore are not eligible for benefits. 
  • The insurance company may claim that you are partially disabled and therefore eligible for only partial benefits.
  • The insurance company may claim that you did not submit sufficient documentation of your disability or did not otherwise cooperate with their investigation of the claim. 

The language of your disability policy will be critical to determining whether you are entitled to benefits. The insurance company will interpret it in a way that’s most beneficial to them. An experienced Baltimore medical professional disability lawyer can help you get the full benefits you paid for and are entitled to receive. 

Contact a Baltimore Medical Professional Disability Attorney for Assistance

Baltimore medical professional disability attorney Emmett B. Irwin knows how to navigate the disability claim process. More importantly, our firm understands the complexities that medical professionals face when purchasing coverage or submitting a claim. Contact us online or call our office at 443-839-0818 to schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can meet your needs. We work with clients throughout Maryland and surrounding states.