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You Need Skilled Legal Help

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Petitioning the court to apply for guardianship is anything but simple. Working with a seasoned Maryland guardianship lawyer can make all the difference. We will work with you to ensure that you understand the guardianship process and have a strong case. In the state of Maryland, all guardianship decisions are made by a judge, and the process can take months or a year to finish. Without an attorney by your side, it’s easy to get worn down by the process and end up with an undesirable result.

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Minor Guardianship

In order to receive guardianship of a minor, you must prepare a petition to the court that should include a wide range of information depending on your situation. Every judge will rule in accordance with what they deem the best interest of the child, which means you need to do a thorough job demonstrating your capability to the judge. In many cases, the petitioning process can have obstacles along the way and require hearings to determine what is in the best interest of the child. We can help you to understand the duties that come along with guardianship, prepare your case, finding and locating good witnesses for hearings and court reporting after the decision has been made.

Adult Guardianship

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Adult guardianship is also a formal legal process, as with minor guardianship. In Maryland, you can apply for the adult guardianship of an alleged disabled person. The court will be responsible for determining if that person is eligible to be deemed disabled and which party is best suited to serve as a guardian. Our firm can determine if you meet the requirements for applying for guardianship and assist with the filing of the petition. Because Maryland requires detailed examples and evidence to establish a guardian, working with an attorney can ensure that your case is sufficiently polished and in-depth. We can assist in preparing your petition, building a case with proper evidence and court reporting. Contact our Washington DC or Baltimore guardianship lawyer today.