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Social Security Disability Insurance and COVID-19 

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the entire world. With thousands of Americans being diagnosed daily, this disease has impacted our physical, mental, emotional and financial health. The effects will be lingering.

With many Marylanders suffering from coronavirus and unable to work due to complications from COVID-19, more people have questions of financial security due to lost income. Disability benefits may be able to help you secure your financial well-being when coronavirus keeps you out of work. Working with a Maryland disability attorney can help you navigate the process of obtaining your disability benefits.

Coronavirus symptoms range from extremely mild to an alarming level of severity, including death. With many COVID-19 patients taking weeks or months to recover and unable to work during recovery, exploring your disability benefits options is a smart move. If you or a loved one is suffering from coronavirus and unable to work, contact the Law Office of Emmett B. Irwin. With offices in Baltimore and Pikesville, Mr. Irwin serves the people of Maryland and surrounding states in pursuing the disability benefits to which they are entitled.  We also have Washington DC disability lawyers available to help now with your COVID case.

What if COVID-19 prevents me from working?

There is still much to learn about COVID-19. As we develop more understanding about the spread of coronavirus, the range of symptoms, and medical treatment protocols, experts have changed their opinion on how much distance and space is needed between people to avoid further spread of the disease. Commonly, if someone is confirmed to have COVID-19, they will be required to quarantine at home for at least a week, but sometimes longer. Even if you are not exhibiting symptoms, the quarantine period is still important to prevent further spread of disease. Local ordinances must be followed, and they may include longer quarantines that keep COVID-19 patients out of work. 

In addition to mandatory quarantines and medical advice to refrain from work to ensure proper recovery from coronavirus, the lingering effects of COVID-19 may prevent you from performing the essential duties of your work. In this case, you may be eligible for disability benefits. If you are unable to work due to coronavirus and associated impairments, reach out to a Social Security disability attorney to discuss your claim for disability benefits. 

Does my coronavirus diagnosis qualify me for Social Security disability benefits?

Social Security provides disability benefits when workers become disabled and are unable to perform work due to their disability. There are many criteria and steps to qualify for benefits, which your Social Security disability attorney can guide you through. Two main criteria to qualify for Social Security disability benefits are that the disabled individual needs to be unable to work due to the disabling condition, and the disability must be expected to last for at least a year. 

With COVID-19, there are still many unknowns about recovery periods and safe return to work. Some individuals may recover quickly and be able to get back to work in a matter of weeks, while others will take longer to recover and restore their health to a level allowing them to work. While a few weeks or months is not an insignificant amount of time to be out of work and without income, it does not meet Social Security administration’s expected threshold of a year or more being unable to work. However, complications do arise and some COVID-19 sufferers may be out of work for a year or more. In addition, if the condition is expected to end in death, Social Security benefits may be paid. Unfortunately, thousands of Americans are dying from coronavirus and resulting complications each day. A social security disability attorney can help you with your claim for benefits as you fight for your health against COVID-19.

Does my coronavirus diagnosis qualify me for short-term disability benefits?

Short-term disability insurance provides financial security by paying you when you are unable to work for a relatively short period of time due to illness or injury. Usually, short-term disability benefits cover a period of three to six months, but policies vary. Short-term disability insurance policies have various requirements to qualify the patient to receive disability insurance benefits, depending on the specific policy and contract. Reviewing your policy with a Baltimore disability attorney can help you secure your short-term disability benefits due to COVID-19.

It is important to understand the definitions and contract terms of your disability policy. As you pursue your disability insurance benefits, you will want to take note of any applicable waiting period before benefits coverage can begin for a specific disabling event. The waiting period is how long your disabling condition keeps you out of work before the policy will begin paying your benefits. In some instances, the waiting period maybe a week or two, which may be most of your time being out of work due to coronavirus. Discussing your situation and your short-term disability benefits with an attorney are helpful as you explore your claim for short-term disability benefits. To discuss your eligibility for short-term disability benefits for your coronavirus illness and related impairments, talk to the Law Office of Emmett B. Irwin about your claim today.

Does my coronavirus diagnosis qualify me for long-term disability benefits?

While short-term disability benefits are a great tool to provide financial security while combating an illness so severe that you cannot work, these benefits are temporary. Fortunately, long-term disability benefits may be able to provide financial relief when short-term benefits conclude. A Baltimore area disability attorney can guide you through this transitional time and help shore up your financial security.

The long-term effects of coronavirus are still being investigated, and it is likely we will still be learning about the full impact of the virus for some time. However, we do already know that there are a number of COVID-19 cases that result in various prolonged, negative effects that prevent workers from working for months, years, or even permanently. An ongoing inability to work is what long-term disability insurance was designed for: to provide income to beneficiaries when they are unable to work due to disabling illness or injury. 

Just as short-term disability insurance has special requirements for eligibility of benefits, long-term disability insurance has specific requirements for being approved to claim your disability benefits. Many who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 spend months out of work due to lengthy recovery and medical necessity. The process of obtaining long-term disability insurance benefits can be daunting, but with ample experience in disability matters, Attorney Emmett B. Irwin can guide you through each step and help secure your owed benefits.

How is my current disability claim impacted by coronavirus?

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted life as we knew it in almost every possible way. One of the most noticeable effects of the pandemic is the closing of businesses, offices and other services. Unfortunately, this includes the Social Security disability division and insurance companies overseeing claims for disability benefits. If you have a claim for disability benefits pending or in the appeal phase, you may experience delays in receiving benefits. If you have further questions about the status of your claim, a Maryland disability attorney may be able to help you. With ample experience in disability matters, Attorney Emmett B. Irwin is to handle your disability benefits needs.

Contact Our Washington DC and Baltimore Disability Lawyer

Though dealing with COVID-19 can be unpredictable, your financial security does not need to be another cause for concern. Do not let the uncertainties of your disability insurance claim add to your worries related to coronavirus. Contact the Law Office of Emmett B. Irwin today to discuss your eligibility for disability insurance benefits related to coronavirus today. We also offer service to our clients in Washington DC.