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Our Washington DC and Baltimore Anxiety Disability Lawyer for Social Security Benefits

People who suffer from anxiety disorders experience a variety of symptoms that can make it impossible for them to work. If you or a loved one are unable to keep a job because of anxiety, you may be eligible to receive Social Security disability payments. If you think you might qualify, a Baltimore anxiety disability lawyer can explain your rights and options in detail. The following, however, is designed to give you a greater understanding of how and why anxiety can interfere with your ability to work.

Can I Receive Disability Benefits if I Suffer from an Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety disorders are extremely common, affecting almost 20 percent of the U.S. population. Anxiety should not be confused with nervousness, which occurs as a natural response to something imminent and can come and go.

The symptoms that comprise an anxiety disorder often appear for no reason and often do not subside. Among the symptoms of anxiety are:

  • Overwhelming feelings of panic
  • Overwhelming fear, and being on constant alert for perceived threats
  • Obsessive thoughts that are out of control
  • Recurring nightmares and intrusive memories
  • Insomnia and irritability
  • Uncomfortable physical reactions to perceive threats such as increased heart rate, nausea, sweating, muscle tension, etc.
  • Engaging in repetitive behaviors to reduce the panicked and anxious feelings

A person suffering anxiety might find themself in a constant state akin to terror, unable to leave the house or drive a car or be in a public place. People with anxiety disorders will often go to great lengths to avoid the triggers for their anxiety, and this can isolate them and make them incapable of holding down a job. If your anxiety is impacting your ability to perform your basic job functions, you should speak with a Washington DC anxiety disability lawyer to determine if you can qualify for disability benefits.

Our Washington DC and Baltimore Anxiety Lawyer Can Evaluate Your Claim for Social Security Disability Benefits

Having symptoms of anxiety alone will not qualify you for Social Security benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) will undergo an evaluation of your case using the criteria that it publishes in its SSA Blue Book, which spells out what you need to present and prove to get your application approved. Under the criteria, you and your Baltimore anxiety disability lawyer must work together to show both that you have persistent signs of an anxiety disorder that limit you in two of the following areas:

  • Your ability to understand, remember, or apply information
  • Your ability to interact with others
  • Your ability to concentrate, persist, or keep up with job duties
  • Your ability to engage in adaptive behaviors such as self-control and self-management

Alternatively, you can present documented evidence that you have been diagnosed and treated for a serious and persistent anxiety disorder over a time period of at least two years. 

If your generalized anxiety is so severe that it prevents you from performing any of the jobs you’ve had in the past or any other type of work, you may be eligible for SSD through what is known as a medical-vocational allowance. Your Baltimore anxiety disability lawyer will be able to assess your case and explain your options in more detail.

Contact a Washington DC or  Baltimore Anxiety Disability Attorney Today to Learn if You Have a Claim

If you are unable to work due to an anxiety disorder, our Social Security law firm can help you get the disability benefits you deserve. To speak with an experienced anxiety disability attorney, call The Law Office of Emmett B. Irwin at 443-839-0818 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation today. We work with clients throughout Maryland and the surrounding states, including Washington DC.