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The Five Worst Long-Term Disability Insurance Companies

October 21, 2021 Disability

Long-term disability insurance is supposed to be a safety net for people who are unexpectedly unable to work. Unfortunately, these for-profit companies make a lot of their money by denying claims that should be covered. While every disability insurance company engages in various tactics to deny claims, some are worse than others. If you cannot work due to disability, a disability attorney can help you submit your claim, respond to denials, and ultimately get the long-term disability (LTD) benefits you deserve. 

Contact a Disability Attorney Immediately if Your LTD Insurance is With One of These Companies

We have handled thousands of claims over the years in representing people who are disabled and therefore unable to work. None of them are perfect, and you should always anticipate resistance when filing a claim. However, our experience has been that these are the five worst long-term disability insurance companies to work with:  

#5 The Hartford

#4 Lincoln Financial

#3 Matrix/Reliant

#2 MetLife


Not only do these companies regularly deny claims that should be covered, but they also engage in several underhanded tactics designed to discourage and confuse claimants. These tactics can include the following: 

  • Unreasonable delays in processing or investigating claims
  • Unreasonable and excessive demands for documentation
  • Over-investigation of claims 
  • Denial of claims without explanation
  • Termination of benefits before you are ready to return to work

Despite what they want you to believe, the insurance company is not on your side. A disability attorney can help at any stage of the process, whether it’s filing your claim or appealing a denial of benefits. 

How a Disability Attorney Can Help

Getting an experienced disability lawyer on your side can help level the playing field. When we work with a client, we help them build the most robust possible case, step by step: 

  1. We gather all of your records concerning your disability, including your medical records and, if necessary, your insurer’s claim file. 
  2. We then work with you to prepare an in-depth explanation of your job duties to ensure every aspect of your job is covered. 
  3. We have you ask your doctor to write a letter of support. The letter should explain your medical diagnosis, the limitations it presents, how it impacts your ability to do your job, and their conclusion that your medical condition makes you unable to work. 
  4. Finally, we collaborate with you to write a letter to your insurer that thoroughly explains your medical issues and how it impacts your ability to do your job. 

While these steps don’t guarantee success, it at least creates a strong record in the event you need to appeal the denial or subsequently challenge the insurance company’s decision. 

Contact Disability Lawyer Emmett B. Irwin for Help with Your Maryland LTD Claim

Emmett has devoted his entire career to fighting for the rights of the disabled and making sure they get the benefits they deserve. If you are unable to work, contact us before you contact your insurance company. Call us today at 443-839-0818 to schedule a free consultation.