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Shameless or Caring? Bank of America’s “Supporting People with Disabilities” Section

March 6, 2018 Law

Here we have Bank of America’s latest attempt to show that it’s not a soul-sucking, cold and heartless corporation.  Did it succeed?  It’s no secret that I distrust corporations. I believe that in general, they abuse and take advantage of Seniors the Injured and Disabled. In other words, the exact classes of people that I have pledged to protect. For example, if an employee of Bank of America became disabled or injured while working for Bank of America, do you think that BOA would think twice about firing that person? 

I have to admit, their marketing team did a great job on this project.  This photo is particularly heartwarming on the surface.  But it you’ve ever experienced BOA customer service, you have to be skeptical about whether BOA really cares about anyone other than dead presidents. Did you know that BOA is phasing out live tellers? Go to a location near you and try to talk to a teller. They will tell you to go to the super small video monitors where you will speak to someone piped-in from who-knows-where. Is BOA really committed to the American public?