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Get to Know the FERS Disability Program

March 31, 2022 Disability

Individuals who suffer injuries or illnesses that prevent them from working may have several options available to them, including Social Security disability, short term disability, long term disability, and workers’ compensation. Employees of the federal government, however, have an additional option available to them through the Federal Employees Retirement System […]

I have closed my law firm effective 10/21/22. If you believe you are a current client, you are probably mistaken. I am only representing clients in the very last stage of their cases where a decision is about to be rendered and where no action needs to be taken in order to get that decision. I have withdrawn from all other cases. I am no longer representing you and you should have gotten a letter to that effect. For Social Security matters, I advise you call Jenkins, Block & Associates at 410-727-4000 or email at or - for all other matters I have no recommended referral. I do not regularly monitor this email or my phone messages. Requests for former client files should be made in writing to:

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